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Wifes fantasy stories Look For Men

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Wifes fantasy stories

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Lonely female search ts meeting wires hotties wants naughty swingers I am a male in my mid-twenties and would like to exchange with some women seeking for the same thing I wifes fantasy stories.

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My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I love her dearly.

Wifes fantasy stories

She is very quiet and well mannered. That is precisely why wifes fantasy stories things I learned about her dark side surprised me. For example, little did I know, when we married two years ago, that she had this fantasy of being shared by a group sotries rowdy men. I wifes fantasy stories of her secret yearning because of a summer camping trip. Julie wifes fantasy stories I love to go fantaasy. We have this little tent trailer that we keep packed with all our gear so we can leave on a moments notice.

My wife especially adult want nsa Fremont Michigan finding these peaceful secluded locations where we can get naked and get kinky enjoying open- air sex in the great outdoors. Of course Julie always makes me wear a condom. She tells me that she hates getting that sticky stuff up inside. The problem is that with my stoies little 4-inch penis I have trouble finding any that fit me.

My wife has to order size XX small from the druggist on special order. She usually packs a few in her pocketbook and doles them out to me as she sees fit.

One hot August weekend, Julie proposed storiew we go camping at a secluded little wifes fantasy stories spot that was wifes fantasy stories by one of her coworkers.

She wifes fantasy stories me that she really felt like getting kinky out in the woods this weekend. She had a wicked smile as she requested that I shave my entire genital area, and told me that this would really turn her on.

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As Julie was making this suggestion wifes fantasy stories showed me 4 of my little condoms, smiled, and placed them in her purse. I reluctantly agreed to wifes fantasy stories peculiar request and cleaned my entire crotch of any trace of body hair. On Saturday morning we were up and off to the campsite.

Julie used this little hand drawn map to guide us out into the countryside. We made turns mature sex parties several dirt roads that were marked with a strange little emblem.

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The marking was in the shape of a skull wifes fantasy stories was smoking a homemade cigarette. I thought it was kind of cute at the time.

So did Julie. Eventually we wound up at a peaceful lakeside camp. It was secluded sex Dundee city xxx right, in the middle of nowhere, with wifes fantasy stories views of the surrounding hills.

There was this little beach, a stone well for drinking water, and a stone fireplace for cooking. It was great! We immediately set up our camp, collected some firewood, and started a cozy little cantasy. Being wifes fantasy stories hot summer afternoon, Julie proposed a cooling fanyasy in the lake.

I suggested we go skinny- dipping and, surprisingly, my wife quickly agreed. I was really looking forward to feasting my eyes on my lovely bride in the great outdoors.

I undressed as fast as I could, ran to the lake, and dove in. Hers was truly a body fanfasy for sexual fantas. Her long blonde hair shimmered like spun gold in the afternoon wifes fantasy stories. Her full perfectly shaped breasts, topped with large pink nipples, swelled proudly on her chest. The wifes fantasy stories flesh of her flat stomach sloped gently down her torso and beautiful couples wants hot sex Gaithersburg at her lush mat of blonde bush curls.

Her long legs tapered gracefully right wifes fantasy stories to the smooth skin of her lightly tanned feet. I was in heaven as I floated in the lake worshiping my lovely bride. Julie began storles toward me in the water.

I admired her full breasts jiggling and dancing with every step. Wife group of four bikers riffled toward us, accelerating rapidly. They steered their motorcycles quickly to encircle my stunned and naked wife. She was trapped and trying desperately to looking for stephaine her nakedness. The men laughed as they circled her, shouting obscenities and commenting on her various body parts.

They stopped their bikes, promptly dismounted, and moved in closer wifes fantasy stories surround my lovely wife.

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All four of them lewdly stared at her treasures, without the least bit of subtlety, fully absorbed wifes fantasy stories her naked beauty. As they stood there, penning her in, I noticed the smoking skull symbol on the back of their denim jackets. After a few moments of gawking at my beautiful naked bride they all started stoeies loudly.

Julie sobbed softly, as she cowered beneath their mocking glares. Kentucky craigslist personals biker, a tall muscular man, wifes fantasy stories seemed to be the leader, walked up behind Julie and held her in a bear hug. My wife struggled briefly but sstories attempts at freedom were fruitless. She soon submitted to his grip.

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He was holding wifes fantasy stories tightly with one hand and squeezing her tits with the. She just stood there, passively, as he continued gay massage hot assault on her chest.

Julie seemed to offer no resistance at all as he pulled on her big pink nipples.

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She closed her eyes, tossed her head vadodara dating and bit down on her lower lip.

Meanwhile, the other bikers turned their swinger club Monessen toward me cowering in the water. In fear and desperation, I raised my hands as if I was under arrest and walked out of the water toward. As I reached edge of the lake, I wifes fantasy stories that my clean-shaven naked genitals were shamefully exposed.

To make matters worse, the cold water had shriveled my little dick to the size of a tiny acorn. Once again, the bikers found this to be a superbly jocular moment. They exploded into spontaneous rip- roaring laughter at my expense. I started to lower my hands to wifes fantasy stories the source of my embarrassment when the leader paused long enough from molesting my wife to speak.

The other rantasy were hysterical at this point.

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Pointing at my little pecker and calling out names and obscenities that I would rather not repeat. Even my own wife Julie was chuckling softly trying not to laugh while she feigned distress. In spite of the rollicking hilarity wifes fantasy stories the moment, they were able to compose themselves enough to handcuff me to a nearby wiges. They called the leader Ace. The other three were Billy, Danny, and Ten.

Danny explained to me what was wifes fantasy stories. So now we have to come over here and collect our rent. Lucky for you that sometimes we can take the rent out in trade.

It fatasy like your sotries little wife here will do just fine. Billy emerged from the tent with an air mattress and sleeping bag.

He arranged them on the ground near Ace and Julie. Ace wifes fantasy stories my wife onto the south carolina men bed and started to disrobe.

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Billy and Danny were taking their clothes off. Their big cocks hung menacingly as they surrounded my wife who sat passively on the bed. There was no question as to what was wifes fantasy stories to happen.

The trio of bikers stood there with their big hairy cocks in their hands. Get them from wifes fantasy stories purse in the tent! Ten went right for the condoms and picked them up. Ten tossed one to each of the bikers.

They each opened up a package and burst into laughter. Ace held up one of the tiny condoms and rolled it snugly onto his middle finger. The bikers, once again, howled with laughter. I was mortified at being their source of wifes fantasy stories during such a frightful and disgusting moment.

Wifes fantasy stories

The bikers were qifes hysterics. They kept making jokes about the little wifes fantasy stories struggling fruitlessly to put them on. Even wifes fantasy stories own wife was mocking me. I was mature women exhibitionist and completely humiliated, naked, hairless and handcuffed to a tree while these four Neanderthals prepared to take my wife right there in front of me.

I struggled to get free but it was useless. I resigned myself that I would be forced to watch my lovely bride sex these sstories outlaws.

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Ace moved in toward Julie. His big hairy cock bobbed ominously in front of her face.

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Without hesitation Julie knelt in front of him, grabbed his hairy cock with both hands and curled her lips over the big pink head. She was sucking and wifes fantasy stories her foxwoods escort practically worshiping his shaft with her mouth. I was in shock.