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The Court Sessions provided ample opportunities for news reporters to focus on scandalous cases and the repeat appearances of individuals committing offences. They wrote a series of long and outraged articles describing the behaviour of the Black Angels, associated women and members of the Chinese community. See abridged articles below:.

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Mary Hockley Heaven alone knows how many of these "Black Angels" are still peregrinating the streets. Their proatitutes were Bertha Connor 20Myrtle Connor 18May Ahern 19 and Vera Matson 19 ; all were exceedingly well dressed and the eldest Connor was a remarkably fine-looking girl.

Police brothel raid at perth ladeside flat is latest in saga, say neighbours

He would describe all of them as highly dangerous. A few days ago she came down to visit some of her friends in Ln Fremantle.

In the day time it was visited by Chinese and Afghans, but the landlord, on finding what the girls were doing, turned them out. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. You are going fast to the dogs.

While the girls were getting dressed, Nita Russell came to the place with the Chinaman robber, Jimmy Broad, for whom there was a warrant out. William Connor, the father of the girls, stated that the elder of the two, left home to go to a place about six weeks ago. Roe that some ten months ago Ahern was leading a respectable life in service in Brisbane-street, but she got in tow with a girl named Basserta. An officer of the Salvation Army expressed her willingness to take charge of the elder girl if the bench would permit her to do so.

There were beer, bottles some empty, and some half full, on the kitchen table. You are nine years older than you were twelve months ago. The girls were always well treated at home.

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She had been knocking around East Fremantle off and on since October 5, frequenting a house there at the corner of Sewell and George streets. He completed his legal training in Western Australia and had been practicing as a barrister for 12 years when he enlisted in earlypart of the second reinforcements for the 11th Battalion AIF and was commissioned as an officer. Bella Mabel Webb 22Maud Webb 28and Millie Webb 24on the same charge, were stated by plainclothes Constable O'Donoghue to live on the proceeds of their immorality, and to conduct themselves in so disorderly a fashion in hotels in the city that the police had been forced to take action.

It was not immoral at all.

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For the defence, May entered the witness box, kissed the court Prostituhes, and said she lived in Perth with her married sister, who resided near the Bunbury Bridge. The officiating clergyman was the Rev A Craven. Eight well-dressed girls, the eldest 21, arrested for patrolling the streets, and six of them an a dreadful state of disease. Roe: "She's inside, isn't she?

Prostitute on hay street

Mr Hearder addressed the bench, and said that the police did not know where accused was and what she prosttutes doing for a living from October 29 to November 6. It had a of factories located on the street, the Michelides Tobacco Factory being an example.

Interpolated Mr. Download as PDF Printable version. On the night of the 7th a disturbance occurred, in which Ahern, Stabler, May FranklinMoore, Douglas, Mary Delaneyand a of half-drunken sailors were concerned Bertha Connor and Vera Matsonwho said her father was a cook at East Fremantle, were sent to the Home of the Good Shepherd until their confinement is over. In Perth she had been convicted for frequenting Chinese dens.

Roe street, perth -

: Streets in Northbridge, Western Australia. Mary Ahern said her parents were dead and Mr Roe, describing her as the worst of the lot, sent her to gaol for six months, and Myrtle Connor for three months; at which sentence May and Myrtle burst out crying. At the Perth Police Court last Saturday morning a chinaman named See Wee appeared to answer the charge- that he being the occupier of premises in Garland Terrace frequented by prostitutes, was an idle and disorderly person Myrtle was ordered to the Industrial School until 16 years of age.

He said he arrested the accused on Saturday 9th inst. View fullsize Dixon Hearder Mr Hill, who appeared for Bella Webbproduced a man named Herbert Simon, who said that he had been keeping the accused for years. In the Perth City Link plan to remove the vestiges of the railway yard and lower the Fremantle railway line created a large space of redevelopment.

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Albert NorrisOn the gameA. See abridged articles below:. It was not true that she frequented the streets of Fremantle. View fullsize May Ahern c The police authorities were long ago cognisant of the concupiscent capers carried on by these shameless harridans; members of the force knew full well that these seeming innocent school girls were morally and physically corrupting the impressionable youths and men of maturer years with whom they came in contact … A further batch of four were presented at the City Court on Tuesday, charged with being idle and disorderly persons.

Maud Webb 29and Ellen Sreet Mr Dixon Hearder appeared for the accused, and pleaded not guilty. Views Read Edit View history. The Court Sessions provided ample opportunities for news reporters to focus on scandalous cases and the repeat appearances of individuals committing offences. The bench ordered the elder of the two, Bertha Connor, to be imprisoned for three months, but to be handed over to the Salvation Army if they would take her.

She lived in immoral life In consequence of complaints which had been made to him by respectable people in the vicinity, he visited the house on October On being told this by the police he got her another place, but she only stayed there a week, and then induced her sister to accompany her in her rambles.

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The next day he pgostitutes a warrant for the arrest of the lot, and went there about noon. Furthermore, the evidence went to show that she had been living with her sister, a married woman, and at the time of her arrest she was staying with a friend, also a married woman. He warned them to leave the house or there would be trouble. He therefore asked leave to amend the charge as regarded her to one of being a neglected .