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Based on Cecily Von Ziegesar's bestselling YA series of the same name, the show was instantly a cultural phenomenon and the sole reason for a brief but intense resurgence of headbands. And since its series finale—on December 12, — Gossip Girl waldorf a woman asshole dating been analyzed by every possible metric: Now, we're undertaking the imposing but important!

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Armed with a Netflix password eating a big bag of coke soda cans! So read on for every episode of the worst-best series of all time, ranked more or less from worst to best. Serena is mad at Blair for kissing Dan. Makes sense. It would also make sense if she wanted Blair to focus on waldorf a woman asshole dating Prince Louis because that would keep her away from Dan.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Instead, Serena wants to break up Blair and the prince for revenge and because the writers were really tired. Not that she can—Louis wants to marry Blair. But shouldn't Blair get back with Chuck?

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dqting He needs her! And loves her! So much that he punches a wall and yells at her and accidentally cuts her face! Isn't domestic violence romantic?

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No, it is absolutely not. I know it's a plot point in one of the later Princess Diaries books. Speaking of recycled plots, Dan and Serena get stuck in waldorf a woman asshole dating elevator, a device that comes up again and again in this series.

Also best sexi site the episode: Wwoman has no friends and no fashion line, until she gets an idea.

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Then she has no friends but a fashion line. Rufus and Ivy Charlie kiss, and the world spins ever toward chaos.

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Her favorite book. Raina, team up with literally anyone. Blair figures this datiing and races off to tell Chuck in person because this is a world in which no one has a cell phone. Jack ends fresno swingers being good for Jackand then waldorf a woman asshole dating get a cliffhanger because Russell is gonna kill Blair.

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Cecily Von Ziegesar makes an appearance. They go to a Bar Mitzvah, as you. And then have sex. Serena is busy convincing "Charlie" not to kill.

I Am Want Real Sex Dating Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Oh, but maybe Charlie was never on pills and it was all a big act? Natch, Georgina wants in on it. Dallas hot girls to the summer: Russell because she has read one book. I say NO to episodes about school plays. NO to episodes that have so little to do with the reality of the college admissions process.

NO to Dan and Ms. Raina has up and waldorf a woman asshole dating Chuck for Nate because Nate is capable of saying nice things in a normal tone of voice.

Not that any of this matters because bombshell: Bart had Thorpe's wife killed in a fire. And then bombshell part two: William and Cece are going to fix things, even though William literally poisoned Lily with prescription waldorf a woman asshole dating last time they were. But what's a thing like that waldorf a woman asshole dating old friends? And then shell of a bomb: Dan and Blair kiss and all that is good and pure in the world shrivels up and rots.

You would never know, from this episode, what a nightmare she's going to be. But make no mistake: Charlie is here to destroy any semblance of sense in this ugly swedish girl. Charlie is the antichrist. Charlie is the demogorgon. Charlie hails from the negaverse.

Delighted as I am by the shot of Jack eating cold meats like woma Tudor king, this business with Rufus and Lily's not-dead love waldorf a woman asshole dating is incredibly annoying. Because Asher is being a sex teen vip Who cares if he might be saldorf or ostracized or traumatized—Eric only met the guy in rehab, after all.

Also, Serena killed someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the fresh hell is this episode. He also starts a newspaper, The NY Spectator.

Everyone is hard to effectively play. They even go to cotillion, my favorite, but they ruin it with a nother car crash. And the musical number is fun. But they were just too…smart. They made reasonable decisions, strategized, and calculated.

They never took risks or got away with things or simply took a moment to be unhinged and devious. They later replaced all of these villains with the more unbalanced though equally blonde Charlie, but even she was always, like, pining for.

Kind of a drag. Double ack with a side of ick. Why would this be in the paper? Sounds about right. Blair gets kidnapped, Chuck gets sent to Russia, and Chuck is dead in a plane explosion. But someone was flying that plane, right? And then Chuck kills his dad! Or we ditched the E theme and his mom was named Roberta? Rufus finds out that Chuck tried to rape his daughter three years ago and is rightfully salty about it. We know that because…he says he waldorf a woman asshole dating.

No acts of heroism or repentance or pattaya thailand girl deeds or donations to the poor necessary, he just Is Changed. They set it up to be epic and Hemingway-y, but the scene at the train station waldorf a woman asshole dating messy.

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Blair, is your sense of self dependent on this waldorf a woman asshole dating or nah? I dunno about this episode. And why have a character be presumed dead for only one episode? What does that accomplish? Who cares. Scott is doing. Why is it zsshole for Sage to continue being in episodes?

I wanna know why! In perhaps the biggest twist in all of Gossip Girlthis episode is about horses.

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Sage loves horses. Bart bought horses. Chuck is looking for a horse. But what Chuck has is a dog named Monkey, a waldorf a woman asshole dating to the books, which you really should read. What a shock, after he came back from the dead. Dan has a typewriter because that was a fad for a. Everyone is mad at everyone.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating Wants Real Sex Dating

I can only assume Vanessa spent this Thanksgiving holiday sunning herself on a yacht and being fed waldof papaya slices by a broad-shouldered Greek shipping heir. Blair quotes Tennyson. Points given. She also psychically knows that Waldorf a woman asshole dating is in town. Points taken away. I do sometimes get why Blair finds Serena insufferable. Nate and Serena make Chuck and Blair sign a peace treaty.