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Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act have been made arm this official reprint. This Act is administered by the New Zealand Police. The regulatory regime established by this Act to achieve those purposes reflects the following principles:. Commissioner means the Commissioner of Police. Customs officer has the meaning given in section 5 1 of the Customs and Excise Act For the purposes of the definition of restricted airgun in subsection 1an airgun can have the appearance of a pistol, restricted weapon, prohibited firearm, or firearm capable of full automatic fire without having the appearance of any particular model of pistol, restricted weapon, prohibited firearm, or firearm capable of full automatic fire.

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Loss, theft, or destruction of firearm, etc. Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to pdrson for a term not exceeding 7 years who, unless for some lawful purpose, presents at any other person—. It is a good defence to a prosecution for an offence against section 20 or section 21 if the defendant proves,—. Repeals [Repealed].

Arms act no 44 (as at 25 june ), public act – new zealand legislation

The family who broke records and changed laws. Except as provided in this Act or psrson otherwise provided in regulations made under this Act, no person shall have a non-prohibited firearm in his possession unless he is of or over the age of 16 years and is the holder of a firearms licence.

A commissioned officer of Police may give his or her consent under subsection 1 only if satisfied—. Powers of Police to require surrender pesron airguns or antique firearms.

Unlawful possession of prohibited firearm. Published 23 May The Commissioner may grant an application for the issue of a permit to bring or cause to be brought or sent into New Zealand a pistol carbine conversion kit only if—.

Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years who without reasonable excuse is in possession of persin prohibited part and who is not authorised by an endorsement made under section 30B to possess a prohibited firearm. Issue of permit to import pistol carbine conversion kits. Notwithstanding that any appeal under this section may have been determined in favour of the appellant, any commissioned officer of Police, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by this Act, may, subject to the like right of appeal, revoke any licence or permit to which the appeal related or any licence or permit granted in compliance with the decision of the District Court Judge on the appeal, on any sufficient grounds supported by facts or evidence discovered since the hearing of the appeal.

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Subject to subsection 3any arms item or ammunition delivered to a member of the Police under this section may be detained for any period that the Commissioner thinks fit, or may, in the discretion of the Minister of Police, become the property of the Crown, arrms and discharged from any right, title, or interest possessed by any other person. A permit may not be issued under this section to an applicant acting in their capacity as an employee of a d dealer.

A notification under subsection 2 must be given in the form or manner, or both the form and manner, approved by the Commissioner.

Offences relating to illegal trafficking of firearms, parts, or ammunition. Where a firearms licence is reinstated wuth subsection 1a member of the Police shall forthwith proceed to consider under section 36 whether that person is a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm or airgun and sections 36 and 37 shall, with all necessary modifications, apply accordingly.

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If an item is seized and detained under subsection 2sections 65 and 70 apply, with all necessary modifications, in respect of that item. Although we still have big uncertainties about my illness at least we can discuss and share the future together.

B a permit, under section 35AAAto possess a pistol carbine conversion kit. In any prosecution for an offence against subsection 1 in which it is proved that the defendant was in possession of a pistol carbine conversion kit, the defendant has the burden of proving that they were authorised or permitted, expressly or by implication, by or under this Act to be in possession of the pistol carbine conversion kit.


I became an expert at dodging questions and relied on stock answers: "I don't know", peson fine", "Don't worry about it". Carrying prohibited firearm with criminal intent.

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Transitional provisions. Carrying firearm, etc, with criminal intent. Possession of firearm, pistol, prohibited itemor restricted weapon for stage, film, or television purposes. It is a good defence to a prosecution for an offence against subsection 3 if the defendant proves—.

Authorising disposal of firearms, etc, detained by Police. The purpose of the advisory group is to advise the Minister on matters that contribute to achieving the objectives of this Act, in particular, the safe use and control of firearms.

The Acts Interpretation Act shall apply subject to this section. A person who contravenes this section commits an offence under section 50A or 50B as the case may be.

Production of firearms licence. If a specified item or sample to which subsection 2 relates is not exported as required by that subsection, the specified item or sample must be disposed of or dealt with in the manner that the Commissioner directs. For the persom of executing a warrant issued under subsection 1the member of the Police authorised by that warrant may enter into or upon any land or building in or upon which any such arms items and ammunition may be, and in so doing may use such force as may be necessary.

An endorsement on a firearms licence in respect of a prohibited firearm or prohibited magazine made under section 30B is subject to the following conditions:. Within 32 hours he was in intensive care and on a ventilator, unable to move his body or breath for himself. The Minister of Police may recommend that regulations be made under section 86 only if the Minister is satisfied that,—.

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Witg receiving an application under section 29a member of the Police may, subject to any direction from the Commissioner, make the endorsement applied for if he is satisfied—. Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing provisions of this section, the District Court may in any lerson make an order directing the manner in which any notice or other document is to be served or given, or dispensing with the service or giving thereof.

Offence to carry pistol, prohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, or restricted weapon without authority. No person shall carry pperson pistolprohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, or restricted weapon in any place beyond the curtilage of his dwelling, save under and in accordance with the conditions endorsed on his firearms licence by a member of the Police. Every delegation under this section shall be revocable at will, and no such pperson shall prevent the exercise of any power by the Commissioner.

Review of operation of this Act.