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Excerpts from The Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors For the most part I have made an effort to leave the seventeenth-century text in its original form. Some archaic words and grammar do appear, but spelling and punctuation have been modified to facilitate the reading.

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At the end of five days they sleep three, and then they dispose them into rooms, or barns, kept very clean and prepared for that purpose, and in the province of Gilan they have particular buildings for that end. The ordinary length of their pieces of stuffs is not above five or six ells, it being as much as needs for a garment according to their fashion.

When they run, they put out their he and open their nostrils and run with such violence that it is impossible to stay them. You just need to find the best available girls. Towards the south part of the Maydan stands that rich and magnificent mosque which Shah Abbas began and was almost finished when he died: but Shah Safi had the work carried on at the time of our being there, causing the walls to be done over with marble.

They do not in any thing make so great ostentation of their expense, as in what is employed about the harness of their horses, which they sometimes cover with plates of gold or silver and adorn the reigns, saddles and covering clothes with goldsmiths work and embroidery.

The parts adjacent to the city, are not unsuitable to the sumptuousness of its structures, and the greatest of so famous a metropolis. Eva Rose Age: 21 - 25 Independent Stunning blonde escort available for discerning gentlemen. It should be kept in mind that there is overlap and that other minor topics are discussed throughout the selection.

They also shave their beards, leaving only mustaches. Nor does this agree with the s the ancients give of them, who generally affirm that the Persians were very temperate and contended themselves with little meat, but they loved fruits.

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Nicholas Hem, a Hollander who traveled into Persia in the years andsays that these pieces were brought thither from Ormus, and that they secure the avenues of the place; but as I said before it is impossible they should be persoan. It is dedicated to Mededi, who is the twelfth Imam, or saint, of the posterity of Ali, for whom Shah Abbas had so particular a devotion that he was pleased to build several other mosques after the same model though much less at Tauris and other places, in honor of the same saint, wherein he made use of the marble which he had brought from Eruan, which is rscorts white as chalk, and smoother than any looking glass.

Of these they have very great flocks and it is their most ordinary food, though it be not of so pleasant batking taste escortd those who are not accustomed thereto. Though there be abundance of it spent in all sorts of stuffs made in the country; yet do they drive a vast trade with that which is unwrought.

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The scent of them is very sweet and pleasant and they are very juicy, but not delightful to the taste. There is in Persia a certain kind of herb, which they call Genschehtwhich is sown much after the same manner as we sow Saint-John, once in seven years. There are some who take of it only in two or three days, which makes them sleepy and a little disturbs their brains, so as that they are as bakring they were a little entered in drink.

To do this, they make choice of a commodious place, that is cool, and towards the north, paved with free-stone or marble, but between, and with little descent, upon which they pour the water and as soon as that is congealed, they pour on more, and by this means in one night they make an ice a foot thick, which in the daytime they cover, that the sun may not shine upon it: and so continuing the exercise for two or three nights together, they provide ice enough to serve them all summer.

Whence it comes that they often drink of it eprsian as they would avoid the charge of having many children, nay they are so far from dissembling the fear they have thereof that some of them have come to our physician for remedies of that kind.

It began to recover itself under Shah Ismael II [r. They therewith paint also the bodies of such as dye maids, that when they appear before the angels examinants, they esforts be found more neat and handsome.

These trees grow up to the height of the pine and have very broad leaves, not much unlike those of the vine. True indeed it is, that the heats perslan are very great, especially in June and July, but the inhabitants are not much incommodated hereby.

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For though he had no great sentiments of piety, yet did he discover a certain respect for the places he ed sacred; and accordingly he spared all those who took refuge in the mosque, but ordered all the rest to be cut up in pieces and commanded the walls of the court belonging to it to be pulled down. Their stockings are of woolen cloth, unhandsomely cut out, without any shape or any proportion to the leg.

The former, whom they call t zerrachonly dress wounds and hurts; and the others, named dellakonly trim unless they sometimes are employed about circumcision. They beat the grain thereof. Into this sanctuary there got a great of the inhabitants of Isfahan when Tamerlane punished the rebellion of this city. The dropsy is not very rare in the province of Gilan; but there are very few troubled with the stone in any part of the kingdom; and for the gout, it is a disease not yet known among them.

And whereas the main forces of the kingdom consist in their cavalry, it thence comes that they are great lovers of horses and very tender in the keeping of them.

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Those which they call keseki are yellowish and sweet, and grow in Tarum, at Tabriz, and at Ordebath: but of these a man must eat sparingly, for fear of a bloody-flux. The boy, to prevent the violence which he now saw was unavoidable, laid hold on the poniard which his master whore at this girdle, and therewith ran him into the heart. Their shoes, which they call kefsare very picked at the toe and very low quartered, so as that they put them off and on with as much ease as we do our slippers.

The province of Gilan brings forth also a kind of flax, the thread whereof is very good and fit for cloth. He was no sooner become master of it, but he confirmed all he had promised touching the exemption, and to the end those might be known who were to enjoy the benefit of it, he ordered the making of these red caps, which were done with twelve folds in remembrance of their twelve Imams.

When I told the Persians of it, they laughed at me and said it that it was not without reason camels have an aversion for horses; when many times horses may get into the stables and have a house over their he, whereas the camels, which cannot get in by reason of the lowness of the doors, are forced to lie abroad and to suffer the horses to take up their quarters.

There are two sorts of them, to wit, those which they call kermekfrom the word kermwhich ifies hot, in regard they are eaten in the summer, and they come betimes, and are fully ripe in June.

Abbie is petite and elegant, yet there is a real naughty esccorts side that just needs to be seen to be believed. They wear these about their he in summer as well as winter, though a man might think that by reason of the extreme sultriness of the weather they should be very troublesome and incommodious.

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Besides this mosque, which is the chiefest in all the city and the most sumptuous of any in the whole kingdom, there are in Isfahan many others, but they are much less and there is a too great a of them for us to undertake to give here a more particular description thereof. The komatsch are three fingers thick and a foot and a half in length.

Murderers and assassins participate of the same privilege; but the Persians have so great an aversion for theft, as ing it a base and infamous crime, as it really is, that they permit not thieves, if they do come in, to stay there many days. The sedr, that is, the chief of the religion of the Persians, to express his zeal did sometimes order the pitchers of the Armenians to be broken.

It is pleasant sight, as a man passes over the Maydan or through the bazaar to see the tradesmen of all professions in their shops where they sell what they had made at their houses; for it is very seldom distance from the place where he lives, and confined to certain parts of the market-place where every trade hath its distinct quarter only for the selling of commodities.

Premium Listings. These are seated in a high chair in the midst of the hall, whence they entertain their auditors with speeches and tell them satirical stories, playing in the mean time with a little stick with the same gestures and after the same manner as those on who show tricks of legerdemain among us. The Persians have an aversion for swine; whence it comes that the Armenians themselves who live among them seldom breed any, unless it be in those places where they live apart, as in the suburbs of Julfa, where they have some few.

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The Persians are of a ready wit and sound judgement. The modern kings do still baarking the same convenience. They are also modest and very reserved; whence it comes they never make water [i.