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This is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPswhich ran for episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, A man posing as a tow-truck driver robs women who have called for assistance.

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The two heroes shall be honored with a special prize.

They also have to get a handle on a local community patrol operation. A Mercedes belonging to Jon's girlfriend gets stolen while they're skydiving.

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Jon falls for a country and western singer. Meanwhile, Ponch is still looking for his skater but can't find him. A runaway truck without brakes, a pair of teenage girls who learn about the dangers of hitch-hiking, an elderly man who won't leave his house and a sand sailor all cause problems for Jon and Ponch.

Please read and understand the following before entering: Warning: These s contain sexual content that may be offensive to some readers. Guest appearance by Rosey Grier.

Christian I. A teenage boy finds himself hunted by poachers when he tries to prevent the illegal slaughter of some deer.

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And Jon and Ponch have to deal with a boa constrictor in an illegally parked car. A punk secort group, humorously called "The Bus Boys," is stealing from the patrons of tourist buses to get money for a demo record. Ponch gets into a series of mishaps on his motorcycle and Sergeant Getraer comes down hard. Jon and Ponch catch the dune buggy, and Jon discovers the hijackers' hideout.

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A criminal duo equipped with a powerful laser causes havoc in the city, blinding witnesses while committing robberies. Ponch and Bruce try to protect a woman who is seemingly being stalked by a comic book character Rich Little. Also, Jon and Ponch help assist on a heart attack victim. Jon and Ponch probe into a case involving an environmentalist's allegations that Baricza's father, Pete, is polluting their town with his insecticides. Ponch helps children train for the Special Olympics.

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Gordon Hessler. Grossman buys a truckload of eggs. A band of teenage misfits, ex-members of Ponch's Explorer Troop, returns to help him catch a group of junior-high extortionists. Ponch and Bobby try to prevent three female rock musicians from monkwy victimized by an unscrupulous concert promoter.

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Getraer sscort uptight and buckles down on Central as they prepare for a major inspection. Getraer injures his eye in a motorcycle accident and ends up in the hospital. Jon and Ponch try to get a drunken driver off the road. Getraer's wife is in and out of the hospital on false labor alarms. Ponch and Bobby have to take care of both a kidnapped dog and a sick child, Kevin.

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The father of a hit-and-run victim is determined to catch the driver responsible, with or without the help of the CHP. A sophisticated ring of thieves drives away Rolls Royces in broad daylight; and Ponch receives tickets to take part on his favorite game show, "Name Your Price" a clone of The Price Is Right where he hopes to win fame and fortune - but in the meantime, he makes the local press when he's surrounded by chickens. Rscort is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPswhich ran for episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, Jon and Ponch pursue and try to identify the "Phantom", a daredevil artist who performs illegal, high-speed stunts on a souped-up motorcycle that are played out at the risk of innocent bystanders.

Two fleeing criminals jump into the Rolls and drive off, initially unaware that the kids are in the ind. A rich businessman and his granddaughter become the target of an unscrupulous security firm. Ponch and Bobby help a rock star who claims that attempts have been made on his life.

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A pair of thieves are renting tractor units and stealing packed trailers from loading bays. Jon and Ponch learn about the dangers of reacting chemicals when they swing into action when a tanker overturns and produces a deadly gas.

A gang of outlaw bikers terrorize the streets when they rip through the city, turning city streets into dangerous speedways as they have races through city traffic in a life-or-death contest to find the ultimate motorcycle champion. And an unscrupulous collection agent tries to destory Ponch and Jon's credit rating after they prevent him from harassing private citizens.

Jon and Ponch must track down the culprits. The CHP tries to get a group of punk rockers under control.

Also, Ponch befriends a four-year-old motorcyclist whose mother starts dating Jon. First Jon then Ponch get put in jail for contempt of court esocrt they refuse to name their informant.

Please keep this site fun for us and all of those who choose to view my material. A new system is put in use to send back-up faster to injured officers. Jon worries when his nephew falls in with a gang of unruly teenagers who joyride in stolen cars, and ends up having to arrest the boy when he and his new friends are caught.