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Mistress alicia

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I was in agony and there was no of it stopping. Once her boots were clean, Mistress Alicia had me stand up and she used a cold cloth to wipe my body down, cleansing me of everything.

Copyrighted material. She allowed me to dress again and bid me farewell. I knew that I was struggling and squirming, despite my desire to be a good slave to Mistress Alicia and take what she was giving to me. Just when I thought that she was done with the Wartenburg Wheel, she alicix start again.

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Mistress Alicia began rolling them over me in time with the music that was now starting to pick up pace. Her golden locks played nicely off of her toned and tan skin.

I felt like a rag doll that Mistress Alicia was taking apart stitch by stitch. I had been sent here as an asment -- a test of faith.

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Mistress Alicia lead me to a large room in the back of her house. Error no video, no sound. Related Videos.

I never came down that dusty road again. As much as she lacked in pleasantries, she made up for in looks.

Mistress alicia – daftsex

The water transmitted the pain with great intensity. The more miles that passed, the more I came to realize just how isolated my destination was. Tears were streaming from my eyes under the leather mask.

I had traveled for over two hours to the remote farmhouse. While I waited, I began to hear the faint sounds of music. After shaking off the final drops of my ejaculation, I got aljcia on all fours and began slurping the semen off of her while she leaned down and petted my head like a poodle.

Add comment Comments Be the first one to comment! Already it felt as though my strength were giving out.

Mistress alicia

I was taking in as much air as I could through my nose and felt myself struggling against the bonds that held my hands and ankles. She welcomed me into her home.

Check out this authors blogspot Each beat of the music was accompanied by a slap of leather on skin. This felt wonderful at first I can never have my back scratched enough until she started putting a lot of pressure behind her hands.

The music from the unseen stereo began to be as much of a presence in the room as Mistress Alicia. Going back behind me, I miatress to feel the small pricks of a Wartenburg Wheel on my flesh. I could smell the ozone before I felt the sharp prick from what had to be a violet wand as it applied to my legs This was followed quickly by a barrage of blows.

An afternoon with mistress alicia

The world went black as the eye mask was secured and everything felt like a dream or a bit of a nightmarebeing suspended as I was. I felt her pinching my nipples, getting them hard enough to then place small rubber clamps on each of them. The pain from these tiny, biting clamps was excruciating.

Embed size x x x x Custom: x Embed size x. I was almost grateful when Mistfess felt the first blow from the flogger on my back. Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories.

I was scared and aroused at once. On every post were series of hooks and cuffs that dangled freely. Blows from the floggers in her left and right hands criss-crossed across me. She placed each of my wrists into mistgess of these and did the same for my ankles. It became a syncopated symphony of pain as the leather straps crossed my flesh.