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Texture refers to the surface quality in a work of art. We kooking textures with the way that things look or feel. Everything has some type of texture. We describe things as being rough, smooth, silky, shiny, fuzzy and so on.

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If you're well, it's really important you go to all your appointments and scans for the health of you and your baby. Simulated texture is the type that is created to look like something it is not.

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For example, some babies have a sokething called open spina bifidawhich affects the spinal cord. The scan is a medical examination. If you want to know your baby's sex, you should ask the sonographer at the start of the scan, so they know that they need to check. Speak to your sonographer or midwife to find out more. Some hospitals may refuse to tell you sex of the baby.

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Some people want to find out if their baby has a condition, and some do not. If the scan shows there might be something, you may be offered another test to find out for certain. The sonographer or their assistant will tuck tissue paper around your clothing to protect it from somethinv gel, which will be put on your tummy. Visual texture is the real thing. You'll be asked to give your permission for it to be carried out.

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The NHS screening programme doesn't use 3-D or colour images. The week scan can sometimes find the baby has a health condition. Some other conditions, such as heart defects, are more difficult to see. However for the purpose of prviding examples assume that these images are real.

The observer effect: seeing is changing

You'll be asked to lie on a couch, lower your skirt or trousers to your hips and lift your top to your chest so your abdomen is uncovered. The scan only looks for these conditions, and cannot find everything that might be wrong. The sonographer needs to keep the screen in a position that gives them a good view of the baby.

last reviewed: 6 March Next review due: 6 March Texture may be used in a work of art to: create visual interest or a focal point in a compostion to create contrast within a de compostion to help visually balance a de compostion Real Texture Visual texture is the real thing. Find out more about what may happen if a screening test finds something. This does not mean there's anything to worry about.

Everything has some type of texture. This might be uncomfortable.

Week scan - nhs

It produces a 2-dimensional 2-D black and white image that gives only a side view of the baby. The week scan is offered to everybody, but you do not have to have it if you do not want to. Visual or Implied Texture Visual or implied texture can be simulated or invented. Some things feel just as they appear; this is called real or actual texture. But they'll be able to talk to you about the pictures once they've completed the check.

You may like someone to come with you to the scan appointment. We associate textures with the way that things look or feel.

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For example, you may be offered further tests that have a risk of miscarriage, and you'll need to decide whether or not to have these tests. Most hospitals do not allow children to attend scans as childcare is not usually available. Sometimes it's difficult to get a good picture if the baby is lying in an awkward position or moving around a lot, or if you're above average weight or your body tissue is dense.

The scan is carried out in a dimly lookingg room so the sonographer can get good images of the baby. If any condition is found or suspected, the sonographer may ask for another member of staff to look at the scan and give a second opinion. You can find more information on each of these conditions, including treatment options, in these leaflets:.

If you get symptoms of coronavirus, or you're unwell with something other than coronavirus, speak to your midwife or maternity team. Texture refers to the surface quality in a work of art. Home Pregnancy Your pregnancy care Back to Your pregnancy care. Real texture cannot be represented here because a computer screen, even with the highest quality photgraphs can only create simulate textures.

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Having the scan does not hurt, but the sonographer may need to apply slight pressure to get the best views of the baby. Find out more about pregnancy and coronavirus. Hospitals and clinics are making sure it's safe for fkr women to go to appointments.