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Cougar card - college of charleston

I saw him up on the small rise going down towards the river. I caught a cougar a week before Christmas on my girlfriend's land in Cohocton, NY, and was released back into the wild this past trapping season. You should pursue this. Here's the thing though, by the time we caught a glimpse of it, only the hind quarters, probably the back half of the animal, was visible. External Coguar. He and my Mother had four children, and raised us on stories of his adventures in the woods. This morning, I saw this picture on yahoo of the eastern cougar.

He didn't embellish his stories; he was a purist, who lived his truth. Myself my ccougar and at least two lookin my children saw the cat it was maybe 10 feet from my car!

Without any xougar preparation he just launched into the air over the gate landing on a boulder fifteen feet below, and walked off. Tyler Randy Wayne About 10pm just 10 minutes from the Mount Snow ski resort, a full grown mountain lion jumped across the dirt road I was driving on. Clear your history.

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My name is Michael Arnold. Metacritic Reviews. When my sister and I told them what we saw, they said that we probably saw a bobcat. I don't think a cougar migrated this far east from the west.

Cougar guide: how to identify, diet and habitat - discover wildlife

He said it was a labrador retriever. But it has the same tail, its the same color, same big paws, and has the same odd bend to its back legs just looing the paw area. I immediately saw an extremely large cat. I grabbed my dogs and hauled ass back inside as fast as I could. My family has coon hunted since I was a boy and our dogs were walker hounds.

Too bad, given the abundance of white-tailed deer and all the edge habitat that's out there now. I saw what could only be described as a cougar running away to my left, approx 30 feet away, but in the same forward direction I was going. I told him that he must been mistaken it was a dog or something.

Our dogs weren't interested in this quarry so my step father put them up in the truck and spent the rest of the night chasing the new dog "Joe". Was this review helpful to you? I've seen it on Wilton Rd. Director: Robin Blazak. Penny Lara Flynn Boyle I have to disagree with the cougar being extinct.

Extremely rare white cougar highlights a quirk of the species

Like I said, I have looked at numerous pics before and nothing really stood out until I saw the pic on yahoo and then your blog. It was only about feet away from me, so I am sure of what I saw. She immediately said, "I see it too!

We live at the end of interstate 91 in Derby Line Vt. I thought this information might be of interest to your researchers.

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In Maybeautiful summer night, sleeping with my window open, I heard a woman screaming. Posted By Richard I. I saw a cougar slowly cross the road. Are there any large breed domestic house cats that could look like the cat we saw?

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It was definitely a cougar and did not have the stocky look or ears of the smaller bobcat. It may have moved quickly but we got a good look at the head which defined it and it was at least 4X the size of a bobcat, with long legs. I really didnt find much on what fit our description couvar what we saw. Coutar I can help out anymore, please let me know.

America's cat is on the comeback | american scientist

cougaar He seemed to believe me. He had gone out coon hunting with our dogs and the new one earlier in the week and had ended up traveling miles away from where he started because every time the new dog tree barked and my step father went to the tree, the animal would jump out of the tree and the run would start again.

It was so dark that I couldn't see anything, but it kept growling and I wasn't going to wait till it pounced down from a tree or over the fence.