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And his insistence on the rule of law presaged the critical role the Courts have played in defining language rights.

But section of the B. Could groups of stone-age people in their skin and fur garb have entered Quebec through a tundra corridor exposed by glacial melt at the end of the last Ice Age?

At first, Scott was a bit taken aback. When he died, almost 25 years ago, he was worried that he had lost his fight for bilingualism. Published under the pseudonym J. From then on, whenever Scott and the scientist would spot each other, they would lock eyes, their faces would light up and they would stomp away furiously. The thrill Hosking felt finding a polished and ground slate spearhead at Jacques Cartier Park in Sherbrooke sseeking gusty autumn back in remains fresh in his mind today.

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For Scott, it meant an irreparable breach with French-speaking writers and poets: nationalists who had ly been friends. Hosking thinks from the grooves that the amulet was probably meant to fit on a spear-throwing device called an atlatl, a sort of wooden lever that increases the accuracy and force of a spear when launched. McGill is frozen with fright; its money, even the large amount coming from Ottawa, is channelled through Quebec.

I said, 'Well that's borth. Then, inthree years after Scott's death, the Supreme Court ruled in the Ford case that while it was permissible for Quebec to insist on having French on s, it was unconstitutional to forbid the use of a language. Today, that's all they talk about.

Please to request a format other than those available. On the one hand, he was attracted by the language and culture. His ideal was that this bilingual model should be extended to Canada as a whole, so that the genteman rights defined in the British North America Act would be extended, and the language rights that had been extinguished in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta would be restored.

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There he learned how to electro-plate metal and it was this skill that brought him came to Canada in to head norrth metal-plating operations at a costume-jewelry plant in Sherbrooke. Granatstein and Peter Stevens eds. ScottSept.

Scott Journalp. Laurendeau and Dunton were co-chairs, but the real debate, intellectual and emotional, linguistic and national, was between Seekking and Scott.

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Jim Hosking still roams the woods and fields, drawn to the land in search of the past and the lost and the wild the way some men thirst for riches. He hung on every scrap of local lore he could glean. But while drawn to rebels and reformers, poets and intellectuals, and sympathetic to the economic discrimination suffered by French-speaking Canadians, Scott was repelled by the dominant ideology of clerical conservatism and cut off from much of what was going on in literary Quebec in the s and s.

That's about true, too," he laughs. Over the years, Scott moved from being a defender and explainer of French-language rights to a sometimes bitter defender of the English-speaking minority in Quebec.

Near the end of his life, he wondered if he had been a gentlenan, if he should have focused on poetry instead of politics. The values of that system I learned to despise and reject in the s.

Imagine," he says, "That was before the bow and arrow, the canoe or snowshoes had even been thought of yet! The Standard on Web Usability replaces this content. D 1—2. Quoted by Donald Creighton in John A.

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Never discussed money or all that stuff. Much to his chagrin, the City of Sherbrooke has so far ignored his plea to erect a cairn with a bronze casting of the 6,year-old spearhead he found there in When the priest finished, he spoke, ever keen on a chance to tramp outdoors: "I'll take you out right now and show you some sites," he said, getting up to put on his jacket. I showed them all these different sites and they just couldn't believe it.

A nugget the size of a golf ball hangs on his neck, booty rooted from a streambed in the nearby Stoke Mountains. His clarity of thought defining language rights as human rights laid the groundwork for an edifice of jurisprudence on language.

I'd take my lunch and drive like mad. The Sokoki, for instance, one of several semi-agricultural tribes of Abenaki living in southern New England along the Connecticut River, began to larve north to New France in the lates seeking relief from the war, disease and famine spread by English colonists.

Ocol - montréal, november 18,

Hosking listened in earnest. That phrase became a No campaign slogan in the referendum of And the land yielded to him. But he agreed to return when the service was over. ScottToronto, McClelland and Stewart,pp. I had hoped that the Catholic tradition with its greater emphasis on social obligations would somehow mitigate the prevailing Protestant ethic of free enterprise.

Promoting unilingualism, and having two essentially unilingual groups, did not exclude the possibility that individual members gentlrman each group might be able to speak the other language as well.

Army rejected Hosking as a soldier on of his asthma, so he went to work instead for gentlfman electronics firm that supplied American military planes and ships with radios. The Blaikie decision by the Supreme Court re-established that laws must be enacted in English and French in Quebec, and that regulations must be in English and in French.

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Those who supported individual civil liberties had trouble accepting collective rights, while the French-speaking minority was more concerned for minority rights than for individual liberties. He managed all this in his spare time, on weekends and evenings when he wasn't at work or needed at home. The only active fighters are seejing tiny little Protestant school boards and the Italians. Ventleman city is planning to celebrate its th birthday next year. This content is archived because Common Look and Feel 2.

His kitchen is a base camp for his frequent expeditions: plastic picnic coolers sit at borth ready on the floor; a closet door opens to reveal a neat row of old sneakers and gumboots. It was a cold, clear Townships night with a big moon out.

In Augustin a comment objecting to two paragraphs in a draft of the first volume of the report, Scott explicitly laid out his view of language as a human right.