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Edvard: Hey! Hi everybody! Thank you! Welcome to GoobNet's Adventures of the Schmilblick Patrolwhere the search for Schmilblicks could land you great prizes! Now, it's time to meet our participant tonight. She's in the news as a consequence of her marriage to a basketball player, but this time it's her character and behaviour that's under scrutiny.

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They don't know what the hell happened.

So good luck to everyone. That wuss?

Sometimes even at home games. Kendra: I have on occasion. Edvard: Well, let's dabis on patrol! Except that the college kids are going to make something of themselves.

Edvard: Believe it or not, that was the first disqualification in the history of our programme. Good night everyone!

Edvard: Well then, you can just say that. I love kissing! All you do is say yes or no.

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Al: Do you often stand in front of people and block their view of the game? Patricia: Yes.

You are very special to me and that is how I will treat you. It's —. Well, if our patrollers can figure out your Schmilblick, they're going to win a trip to New York to watch a Knicks game with you. Patrollers, are you ready?

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He's the one who always wrote stories like, "Antonio was dogging it last night", or "Antonio turned down a good look at the basket midway through the second quarter with not a whole lot of time on the shot clock"! Julius: I am a copy editor for a local society newspaper. I also enjoy dressing Crossdressers! Your answer is yes, Kendra?

Al: Well, you see, I went to a couple of wedding receptions, and someone said that my dancing was totally without rhythm, except for my elbow. Julius: Kendra, do you often go to the Knicks' away games? We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Edvard: Well, he said he wasn't, as did many of the fans in the area.

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Kendra: You can call anything "nasty". Kendra Lust Alex Davis indian porn. Al: I'm ready. Although I do not show my face for privacy reasons, I assure you it is very pretty. Al, hi.

I'm married to an NBA player! Julius, back to you. Patricia: Well, at the Off Centre, the crowd is basically college age, so there's really no difference. Edvard: Kendra, ready?

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Al: Kendra, has this sort of thing happened before? Edvard: So, no. Edvard: What you did to set off the scuffle in Chicago. What is this, Meet the Press?

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I don't know why the hell Ksndra such a profanity magnet. Kendra, did you leave nasty messages to a Toronto writer? Julius: Hey there.

Well, do you want to ask your next question? Kendra: Yeah.


This is Adventures of the Schmilblick Patrol. Are there industrial clubs in Idaho? Edvard: So that will be a no. I look forward to our meeting!!!

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Kendra: Why are you making me look bad? Edvard: What's that about?

Al, back over to you. Edvard: Great.