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The following s are an attempt to supply something amusing, instructive, and suggestive to travellers who, not caring particularly where they go, or how long they stay at any particular invall, may wish to know something of the towns and districts through which they pass, on their way to Wales, the Lakes of Cumberland, or the Highlands of Scotland; or to those who, having a brief vacation, may wish to employ it among pleasant rural scenes, and in investigating the manufactures, the mines, and other sources of the commerce and influence of this small island and great country. This must for, if it does not excuse, the unequal space devoted to districts with equal claims to attention. But it would take years, if not a lifetime, to render the manuscript of so discursive a work complete and correct.

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Mccoy's guide

On this railway the increase of the goods traffic has been of very recent date. So ten minutes have been saved in inca,l, and much expense, by doing away with the rope traction system.

We should have stated that Dr. Having on one occasion gone down by first-class, with an Oxford man who had just taken his M. For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.

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After seeing the operations of forging or of casting, we may take a walk round the shops of the turners and smiths. Cassiobury Park, a favourite spot for picnics, is close to the station. CMC Crypto It was directed by the statutes that there should be twelve fellows and seventy poor scholars, who were to be summoned to dinner by the sound of a trumpet; when the fellows, clothed in scarlet robes, were to sit and eat, while the poor scholars, kneeling in token of humility, were to dispute in philosophy.

Peterborough dates from the revival of Christianity among the Saxons; destroyed by the Danes A.

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For heavy goods, the saving by canal would alnans as twelve to one, beside the perfect safety. A few miles from Bletchley, is a forgotten, but once celebrated spot, Denbigh Hall, over which the traveller whirls without notice, yet worthy of escorf, because it affords a name and date for tracing the march of railway enterprise. The late Earl of Spencer was much more successful as a breeder than as a farmer; indeed, it may be questioned whether the prejudices of that amiable and excellent man in favour of pasture land, did not exercise an injurious influence over the proceedings of the Royal Agricultural Association.

The men employed at Wolverton station in March,edof whom 4 were overlookers, 9 were foremen, 4 draughtsmen, 15 clerks, 32 engine-drivers, 21 firemen, and labourers; the rest were mechanics and apprentices. He nominates as his representative a Vice Chancellor from the he of colleges, annually, in turn, each of whom holds his office for four years.

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Within a pleasant ride of five miles lies Milton House, the seat of Earl Fitzwilliam. Easthope, of the Morning Chronicle inca,l, since that period, much to his own astonishment no doubt, pitchforked into a baronetcy.

But the latest battles of Stamford have been between Whig and Tory, and even these have ceased. We have not space to say anything of the other Colleges. The Mixed train on this line holds an intermediate rank between the Parliamentary and the Express, consisting as it does of first and second-class carriages, at lower fares than the one and higher than the other, stopping at fewer stations than the Parliamentary, and at more than the Express; but worth notice on the present occasion, because it is by these trains only that horses and carriages are allowed to be conveyed.

The fitting up of the choir is of woodwork richly carved. Wordsworth raised again. There are no rich men or men of station: all are gentlemen.

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We must not leave Oxford without visiting Blenheim, the monument of one of our greatest captains and statesmen, with whom, perhaps, in genius and fortune, none can rank except Clive and Wellington. That is to say, First, an arm of the Midland to Leicester, indina Burton, to Albns, to Nottingham, and through Melton Mowbray to Stamford and Peterborough; thus intersecting a great agricultural and a great manufacturing district. The szint of the furnace were drawn back, and a white glow, unbearable as the noon-day sun, was made visible, long hooked iron poles were thrust in to fish for the prize, and presently a great round mass of metal was poked out to the door of the fiery furnace—a huge roll of glowing iron, larger than it was possible for any one or two men to lift, even had it been cold.

Comfort has been sacrificed to magnificence.

The british navy sent a frigate to escort russian ships through the english channel

Originally the line was to have ended at Camden Town, but a favourable opportunity led to the purchase of fifteen acres, which has turned out most convenient for the public and the proprietors. Stamford was the refuge of Oxford students on the occasion of disturbances in But the objections in taste, and difficulties in science, have vanished.

In after years, when experience had rendered fools wise, they were glad to obtain the present branch through to Peterborough; but the injury of the ill-judged opposition can never be cured. Edburgh, for its well attended markets and cattle fairs, and especially for its excellent ale.

The roof, stalls, and other wood-work very perfect. At Rugby commences one of several ro to the North, either by Leicester, Nottingham, and Lincoln, or by Derby and Sheffield; and at Rugby, too, we may either proceed to Stafford by the direct route of the Trent Valley, a line which is rendered classical by the memory of Sir Robert Peel, who turned its first sod with a silver spade and honoured its opening by a celebrated speech; or we may select the old original line through Coventry, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton, passing through a network of little railways leading to Warwick and Leamington, the result of unprofitable competition.

Since that day we have learned that the experiment has been completely successful, with a great diminution daint the weight and an increase of the strength of an important part of a locomotive. When we began, stage coaches were imitated; there are some of the old cramped style still to be seen on the Richmond line; then came enormous cages—pleasant in summer, fearfully cold in winter, without fires, which have not been introduced in England, although they are found in the north of Europe and America.

Leaving Camden, at which trains stop only on arriving, we swiftly pass Kilburn, where an omnibus station is to be established for the benefit of the rising population of citizens, to Willesden, where the junction line through Acton to the South Western is to commence.

Besides horses, packs of hounds, and even red deer are occasionally sent by eacort. The Hall is feet long, 40 wide, and 50 high. Philip Neri or a follower of Saint Pusseycat.

But such a history would be a book itself. The kneeling, disputing, and scarlet robes have been discontinued, but the trumpet still sounds to dinner.