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JOHN S. Whatever other distinction Concord has obtained, it has surely that of being the oldest inland Anglo-Saxon town in America. The first English settlement ezcort above tide-water was here. In a small company of twelve or fifteen families broke their way along the Indian trails into the forest, away from the sea-shore. These meadows and plains Simon Willard had known, if not seen, in his trading for furs with the natives. For shelter the first winter they made rude hovels of earth and brushwood on the southerly slope of the mile-long framinghwm east of the Common.

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Inat the time of the difficulty with France, William Jones, a lawyer here, led a detachment of forty-one men from Concord to the Oxford army, so called, because that was the place where the troops assembled. This failed mainly through the sagacity of the town in sending as its Representative to the Legislature the Hon.

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This committee reported their findings and all the evidence, both documentary and oral, to the Legislature of During these quiet years ending in Concord did some useful work by improving her public grounds, laying out the pleasant Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, establishing a Town Library, building a cetner Town Hall, and organizing various societies that helped in many ways.

Prescott conveyed the property to Josiah Wood, of Beverly, Mass. To get a sufficient supply a dam was required at Billerica that would hold the water of the Concord in the dry season.

I asked him what he was going to kill, as he was so old I should not think we [ sic ]could take sight at any game. When I got into the swamp I looked back to the house, and could see lights dodging at every window.

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A public bathing-house contributed to the physical health of the community. Joseph Hosmer, of Concord, acting as adjutant, formed the companies and squ into line as they arrived on the ground, while the officers held a council of war to determine what should be done.

So that, before the close ofthe whole property was owned in equal shares by Simon Lynde and Thomas Brattle, both of them wealthy and influential men in the Colony. The mutterings of the coming storm of the Revolution frammingham all, some with hopes and others with fears.

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After that war was over, inMajor-Gen. These he presented at the bank, and as the president of the Concord National Bank offered, though not legally obliged, to redeem them, Mr.

The Committee of Safety began the removal of the cannon, ammunition and stores to places of security, and the women and children, with their valuables, fled to the woods or to houses remote from the village. She answered, one or two gentlemen dined up stairs this afternoon.

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Here I took leave of them. He said he did not think a man would dare lift a gun to oppose the regulars, and asked me what was my opinion.

Henry A. I told him farming work, but that I should rather work at gunsmithing, for that was my trade.

The proceedings of that meeting were printed with the memoirs of the twenty-five original members. The attendance fell off, and after a season or two of literary and biographical notices of Goethe, Dante and Emerson, it quietly passed away in to the oblivion it merited. After dark Mr.

The weather was perfect, in marked contrast to that of ten years framingnam. After the troubles that caused this insurrection had subsided, the era of growth and prosperity that followed national independence was felt in Concord. A great awakening of thought was springing up in New England about this time.

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Drinking, gambling and horse-racing went on openly, sometimes ending in fights and rows. Henry D. And therefore the greater part of them towards the breaking of the day, August the fifth, went away and left us, and we were quiet from any further molestations by them; and on that morning we went forth of the house without danger, and so daily afterwards, only one man was wounded about two days after, as he went out to look after horses, by some few of them skulking thereabouts.

The line was formed on the Common in the forenoon, extending the whole length in double ranks of Continentallers, displaying every old and odd article of dress that could be ransacked from the garrets of the county.

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Eeast the revolution, there have been in Concord three generals, —— Hildreth, Colburn and Buttrick,——a dozen colonels, several majors, and two-score captains, who were always spoken of and to by their titles. Edward Everett, then in the flush of his youth and eloquence, delivered an oration seldom equaled by him in his after-years. This fight proved to Col. I was now fifty miles from Boston and in danger of being captured every moment.

I speak of the least, for many there present did guess them to be four or five hundred. For shelter the first winter they made rude hovels of earth and brushwood on the southerly slope of the mile-long ridge east of the Common. It being the good pleasure of God that they should all these fall by their hands, of whose good intentions they were so confident and whom they so little mistrusted. Blessed be the Lord God of our salvation who kept us from being all a prey to their teeth.

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The warrant was issued by the Governor and Council November 19, and the day of the execution was set for the 26th of December While at breakfast there came in a negro woman to wait on the table. Jones one mile on the Worcester inrian. A new and commodious court-house was built in the year on the opposite side of the square indain the county, and had a double lantern tower rising ewst feet from the ground. An expedition was secretly organized for this duty, composed of six companies of the Tenth Light Infantry and the grenadier companies of several other regiments in Boston.

The Boston Port Bill, the massacre in State Street, the tea party in Boston Harbor gave new fuel to the fire of excitement that raged in Concord and throughout the Province.