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College guy looking for something new

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I came into freshman year with a boyfriend who set up my whole dorm room for me. I am an opportunist. Of course, this only works for guys with whom I immediately know there is no future.

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Whether we can admit it or not, people like some version of the chase. He is great when life feels dull — the uncensored drama and average sex will last a few months, but it will not manifest into a great, serious relationship. I am an opportunist.

The rush of being fot a new environment and feeling as though someone on campus wants to be your friend will override the ridiculous behavior of this guy. Your serious relationship ended badly.

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This happens when your fairytale relationship comes to a screeching halt. Ultimately, this is your time to be selfish. Eventually, as you meet more people, his frequent texts will become a great conversation starter with all the other girls co,lege whom he has also been communicating. He is respectful and everything for which you are looking. Of course, this only works for guys with whom I immediately know there is no future.

If I am genuinely interested in someone, then the games stop and I become similar to every other girl with a crush: extremely possessive and clingy. He will never admit that he likes you, however at the end of the party, he will always find a way to you.

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When you are actually together, you get along like best friends. It is like an unspoken rule of the universe that if you creep on multiple girls at the same time, those girls will unknowingly gravitate toward one another and find out.

You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time. Did he really expect you to act completely coupled up? No one intentionally looks for a rebound, but they always happen. When a guy comes off strong in the beginning, it partially takes the fun out of the chase. But, given that this guy is a creep, most girls will just use the story as fodder for laughter to neew with one another and to create friendships.

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You start losing contact with him when you start to find things that truly make you happy all on your own. College is a busy time — if your friendships and schedules just do not match up, the relationship is likely to end, and quickly.

You rarely talk about this guy with your friends and you barely think about him until he texts you first, reminding you he exists. Tread lightly if you think you may have a crush on this guj you will likely not be the one he takes to his to date parties, you will be the one he hits up after his date refuses to sleep with him.

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See details. I am friends with a lot of frat boys, and I must admit that not all of them are awful douchebags — but, plenty of them are.

The douchey frat boy expects to get laid at all times. He is looking for a relationship and does not like random hookups, much less girls who hook up with random guys.


The rebound is always a mistake, as you will eventually realize, no guy can fix your broken heart. This information col,ege shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other vendors or service providers.

He will seem so charming and tell you how beautiful you are. He is not really your type, but can hold a conversation that lasts longer than discussing your favorite alcoholic drinks.

However, it has been fun to analyze each of my flings. However, this does not mean she should be expected to jump into his bed right afterward. Of course, there are many others kinds of guys with whom you may cross paths in college.

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At first, he will act like a gentleman. I came into freshman year with a boyfriend who set up my whole dorm room for me. Most likely, your nights will consist of movies and make outs.

Photo credit: Neighbors. Each holds the power to reveal lookinf new to you about yourself. He is definitely a great change in pace from the regular guys you met at parties.

You're the problem. You hang out with him when no one else is doing anything, making your relationship, more than anything, an escape from reality. By Jen Gosline.