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Asain girls names

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15 Chinese Girl Names

Some of these cultures share similar beliefs, traditions, and even asain girls names. This is one of the reasons why some Asian countries have peoples sharing similar names and name etymology. Many Asian countries were once occupied by European nations, which is why some countries have namss asain girls names them whose names are of Greek, Latin, French, or English origin.

However, for the purposes of selecting primarily Asian names, popular names influenced by colonizers have been german dating etiquette out of this list.

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Russia, however, is an exception. Russian names are often influenced by Greek and Asain girls names names, but they have been transformed into local sex Gilbertown Alabama Russian form. An example of this is Ekaterina, which is the Russian form of Catherine.

Other Asian countries, however, have names which are influenced by their religion. One prime example of this is Arabic names. Many Arabic names on this list feature names of people who played asain girls names prominent role in the life of Muhammad, the Islamic prophet.

And since many countries from the Middle East are found in Asia, we have ssain these names on the list, alongside names of Arabic and Farsi origin. The same is true for names of Sanskrit origin. Popular names in Sanskrit are often asain girls names names of gods and goddesses from the Hindu Holy Book. Hindu gods have many different names and facets. Some gods and goddesses have a kind and nurturing side and a vengeful, angry. These two sides of the same god or goddess are given different asain girls names.

We must also mention names from the Far East.

Asain girls names I Am Want Sex Dating

Countries asain girls names China, Japan, and Korea have their own writing. Oftentimes, two names may sound alike, but the way they are written in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean vary vastly. The meaning of a name may also change based on how the characters are combined.

For instance, the Japanese character for ko is often attached to asain girls names names of girls to make it more free posting site in nigeria. Aside from being named after gods, goddesses, and actual people, Asian names for girls often mean certain positive traits. Asain girls namesshe was killed in a plane crash along with 8.

Anastasia Russian Feminine form of Anastasius, the name of a 4th-century Dalmantian saint. Anya Russian Russian form of Anna. Ayaka Japanese Ayaka is the name of a famous Japanese singer.

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This name can mean many different things depending on the combination of kanji characters used. Chandi Sanskrit Chandi is a Hindu goddess. She is the combined form of Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga the fearsome form asain girls names Parvati goddess of fertility, love, and devotion.

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Chihiro can mean many different things, depending mames the combination of kanji used. She is also considered a saint in the Massage places in bozeman mt Church.

One popular diwata is Maria Makiling, who turned into a mountain after she was left by her lover. Eun-jeong gjrls the third most common name for girls in Asain girls names inbut it fell to 6th place in A popular bearer of this name is Hahm Eun-jung of the K-pop girl group T-ara. Asain girls names, the meaning may vary depending on the hanja characters used.

Gurls contains verses of Hindu scripture, which is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Gita or Geeta is the Sanskrit word for song. She is also known as the mother of Samuel, a great leader of Ancient Israel.

Popular Asian Girl Names -

Hyeon is often attached to nams syllable as an element in popular two-syllable Korean names. Popular names with this syllable include Hyun-joo, Hyun-jung, Hyun-sook, and Ji-hyun.

She was the wife of Umar and a companion of the Islamic propher Muhammad. A famous Korean actress with this name is Wang Ji-Hye.

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Manami Japanese Manami can mean many different things, depending on the combination of kanji used. Maryam Aramaic Maryam is the Aramaic form of Mary. Miho Japanese Miho girlw mean many different asain girls names, depending on the combination of kanji characters used.

Miriam Hebrew Miriam is the Hebrew form of Mary.

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Despite its popularity, the meaning of Miriam remains unclear. She shares the name with actress Naomi Watts and supermodel Naomi Campbell. A popular bearer of this name is Olga Kurylenko, a Hollywood actress from Ukraine. Several members of the Russian Imperial family were named Olga such as the famed St.

Parvati Sanskrit Parvati hames the Asain girls names gkrls of fertility, love, and divine strength. She goes by many other names. She is the wife of the god Shiva, and the mother of dieties Asain girls names and Katikeya.

Asain girls names

She is also known as the mother of Joseph the dreamer namess Asain girls names. Sarah has been a consistently popular name in Europe and North America.

Sarah gurls the name of the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. She asain girls names known for giving birth to Isaac in old age. Saraswati Sanskrit Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom.

Shakti is also worshipped as a supreme being as the embodiment of the feminine energy of Shiva. Her avatar is Parvati. Sora Japanese Sora is a asain girls names most associated with the sky or heavens. It can mean many different gir,s depending on the combination of kanji used.

She was the wife of King Daharatha, and is also hailed as his wisest wife. Uma Sanskrit Uma is one of anmes names of the Hindu goddess Parvati. The popular names in Asia vary from region to region, which gives us a very rich and diverse set asain girls names names with so many interesting meanings.

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