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I went speed dating once Seems like this adventurous spirit tends to find its away in other parts of my life these days. How convenient.

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Things i am always looking for

. Tiredness creeps up on me around 3pm, insisting I take a late afternoon siesta before dinner.

I learned that the more I worked on my relationship with myself, the better I treat those relationships that actually matter to me. I was in the bunch.

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Four years ago, a week after I separated aways my ex-husband, I sat down and had a cuppa with my friend Steph. The world had barely woken up when we reached the summit. I came back to New Zealand a year ago today - it was a Saturday afternoon on a typical overcast day in Auckland. Then he turned his head towards the sunrise. How convenient.

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Yay for me. He didn't really sit, more like plonked himself down. LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceSelf LoveDatingRelationships Ronna Grace Funtelar 30 June lifelessonsselflovelifechoicespositivechanges alwayx, positivelivingselfbeliefself loveself-loveloveyourself alwaays, feelthefeardoitanywayfeelthefeardoitanyway Comment. Sick enough to end up in hospital, because it turned out that the three-day pain in my abdomen was my appendix, daring to break up with me.

Workplace wanderlust: why you should always be looking for a new job

LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceSelf Love Ronna Grace Funtelar 29 August lifelessonsselflovelifechoicespositivechangespositivelivingselfbeliefself loveself-loveloveyourselfwomenshealthlifebalancelonelinessinspiringwomennzinspiringwomennzinspiringwomenkeynotespeakerclairehousephotography Comment. So, he sat down, and then one by one we all did too.

His face was worn with exhaustion when he faced me and smiled. I got sick recently, like really sick. It was one of the last times I sat on the couch in my old house, and before she left, she gave me a big bear hug. Thank goodness for free healthcare in New Zealand, aye. After fifteen minutes, I was once again officially back on New Zealand soil.

It was coming up to sunrise but from memory we still had another hour until we reached the summit. LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceFitnessMental HealthSelf LoveTravel Ronna Grace Funtelar 7 May lifelessonsselflovelifechoicespositivechangespositivelivingselfbeliefself loveself-loveloveyourselftrynewthingsgivethingsagotrysomethingnewdohardthingsmtmaunganuirunningfestival alwaays, chachanimountaineeringitisnotthemountainthatweconquermountainquotes Comment.

Why you should always be looking for a better job

He was exhausted, actually, we all were. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. Home About Me Blogs Shop. How can something so small cause you a whole lot of pain?

LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceSelf LoveTravel Ronna Grace Funtelar 21 September lifelessonsselflovelifechoicespositivechangespositivelivingselfbeliefself loveself-loveloveyourselflifebalancegapyearcominghome Comment. LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceSelf LoveRelationshipsDating Ronna Grace Funtelar 19 November lifelessonsselflovelifechoicespositivechangesself loveself-lovedatingspeeddatingsingle alwxysbeing single Comment.

Actually, a hell of a lot of growing. LifeMotivationSelf ConfidenceSelf Love Ronna Grace Funtelar 15 August lifelessonsselflovelifechoicesaowayspositivelivingselfbeliefself loveself-loveloveyourselfstresswomenshealthlifebalancelonelinessjustbecauseyoucandoesntmeanyoushould Comment.

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Seems like alwayx adventurous spirit tends to find its away in other parts of my life these days. This contains some subs with mostly 1-liners for command I use often but never manage to remember. He didn't really want to give up, he just wanted to watch the sunrise. Or a damn prickle.

Blog: always looking up — five foot ronna

Light hadn't even touched the valley yet, but we had already been hiking for about five hours. The customs guy was impressed by how clean my hiking boots were and even questioned if I had even used them. After spending almost a day on a plane, I was glad to be lookibg my feet again, even if it was to wait in line at customs.

I still remember taking Neel's photo like it was yesterday. I assured him that I had actually hiked several mountains with them.

I went speed dating once Like, stepping on Lego. Things I am always looking for This contains some subs with mostly 1-liners for command I use often but never manage to remember. Our lives essentially revolve around relationships - with people we care about, at work, fleeting lookin with strangers, and yes, even with the style-guru at your favourite local store.