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The purpose of this document is to respond to the public comments and make the final recommendations for the New Milford project. The project calls for construction of a 4. In light of the concern that was expressed by some, the size of the plant was reviewed along with several alterna- tives. Only this size plant will accommodate the anticipated needs of New Milford and Brookfield over the next twenty years. The collection system will be expanded jilfs the north along the East Aspetuck River to the area of Hipp Road, north along the west bank of the Housatonic River to Candlewood Lake Road North, and south along Route 7 and the Pickett District Road to the treatment plant site. An interceptor is also to be constructed to the Lanesville area for future connection with Brookfield.

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The above is a worst case speculation, as it assumes no phosphorus removal capability will be added to any facility on the Housatonic River. If any foreign equipment is used in plant construction it milfd meet the same strin- gent specifications under which all equipment is purchased.

Response: Attempts vun answer this important question in a quantitative manner require lkoking assumptions; e. Nestles has made several studies of the technical feasibility and cost of building their own treatment facility. Assum- ing that davs of storaae would be re- auired between sprav seasons and that ponds would be ten feet in depth, an area in ex- cess of acres would be reauired for wastewater storaae laaoons.

Phosphate removal is normally not practiced in Europe and none of the investigated plants appear to have phosphate removal in their processes trains.

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The remaining 0. This type of solution would be more expensive, less reliable, and possibly aesthetically less attractive than the sewering alternative. Finally, the problem had been discussed in the towns ly, and had been reported in a variety of forms which had to be inte- grated into a final evaluation. They reached out to The New Milford Senior Center, the Youth Agency name was provide, but they no longer provide the shoveling service.

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Most likely this is the result of a short- age of manpower and unwillingness to be too harsh on the part of the town boards of health, as well as a general lack of interest on the part of the public in the past. The inabil- 0676 to deal with the "growth octupus" at the Town or State level beseeches appeals for the Federal govern- ment to step into the breach.

When such profits are extracted at the expense of the local environment or of the community's ability to pro- vide services, they should be discouraged.

067766 It is recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commiss- ions of New Milford and Brookfield be provided with ade- quate funds to develop "consensus plans" and regula- tions which reflect the mood expressed to EPA. Phosphate removal process additions have been dis- cussed in the Draft EIS. One item that should be noted is the capacity of the East Aspetuck Interceptor.

Lawrence Tannery. Comment; R16, R17, R25, H20 What is the impact of land application on the under- lying aquifers and, therefore, on water supply? Virtual Townhall with Mayor Pete!

November suggests that excess nitrates mlfs responsible for early summer blooms of the green algae Selenastrum. Phosphorus removal at the New Milford plant is not recommended at this time. An explanation of why this approach was considered inadequate follows: 1. Is there any other agency that can be contacted?

Although energy concerns may be altering spread development trends, there appears to be no regional source which will predict policy changes which 0676 fact would alter the move to peripheral areas. The BOD5 removal efficiency ranged from What would the capital cost be?

Pipe diameters will vary from eight inches to thirty inches. Response: As noted above in Section 3.

In fact, a petition expressing a pref- erence for construction of a 2. Has this been done anywhere?

The same report notes that such a trend would be balanced 07676 a population drop near the core. I'd like to thank all my neighbors at the Village for all lookking work t Stage II elements consist of necessary connections to Brookfield through land slated for development and some extensions through sparsely settled land to pick up problem areas.

While the history of the project sketched out in the preceding paragraphs provides a reasonable descrip- tion of the "orders" process, it does not capture the subtleties of the decision-making process that has taken place over the span of ten years. NEVER use a grill inside not even with the garage door open.

In addition, several field exam- inations of areas throughout the towns were conducted by the EIS consultants. The most ificant constituents of Nestle's wastewater are the high nitrate and organic lo placed upon the river.

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For its part, the state is not attempting to halt the development of surface water supplies but rather to encourage the development of groundwater supplies because they are generally cheaper, more easily con- structed and managed, and generally of higher water quality. The resulting impact on potential flooding is, however, impossible to accurately assess without extensive detailed knowledge of the entire hydrologic basin. The basis for the determination of need is similar to that used elsewhere in Oooking Milford and Brook- field.

To ensure compliance, EPA will as part of its contract with the Town of New Milford for the construction of Stage I facilities, require that coordinated land use and sewer plans 06767 developed for both New Milford and Brookfield before any grant funds will be advanced for Stage II or Stage III interceptor con- struction. The sources from which the original capital cost estimates were de- rived differed both in format and in detail.